Final trip for this summer. We went to Magalhes with a group of boats. The forecast was fine at first with strong southerly winds and rain developing later. It was a short motor sail (mostly motor) with a huge difference in speed due to the hull being perfectly clean.

Magalhaes is a very pretty spot with plenty of water, good holding and excellent shelter from winds E through to SW.

It can be crowded but was quiet when we arrived.

Zeejutter, a 1925 dutch built converted lifeboat now under Brazilian flag and in the capable hands of Marco.

As forecast the rain came through late in the afternoon.

Very heavy rain with strong winds.

The rain had mostly passed by sunset but around 20:00 an adjacent motor boat called for help having failed to secure their dinghy.

We went aboard and motored downwind and along the shore. No sign of the dinghy.